ikea rast 19" rack

ikea rast 19" rack
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diy Ikea RAST 19" rack under $40, screws included

the rast specs:
Width: 19 5/8 " (50 cm)
Depth: 11 3/4 " (30 cm)
Height: 15 3/4 " 40 cm

made of renewable raw material (wood)
solid wood - not from intact natural forests

cost $14.99

rack rails
next come the 6u rack rails

penn-elcom r0821/6 six space rack rails
Black finished 2.5mm/0.098" steel
measuring 10.5" long tapped for 10-32 rack screws

these can be found on on ebay for about $7 a pair

while you’re at it you might also want to pick up some rack screws
100 seem to be a pretty good deal at about $10

and the finished product

it took all of about 45 minutes to put this together. the rast frame is done in about 5 minutes with the included hex wrench. then it’s on to mounting the rails. I found it easiest to screw the rails to one of the 19” modules and then place it in the rast to mark the holes for drilling. once your rack mounting holes are marked it’s time to drill. make holes for at least 4 screws (2 on each side). once holes are made it’s time to mount the rails and then the equipment. I found it easiest to flip the rack upside down so I could load it the top module to the bottom.

ikea rast rack - $14.99
6u rack rails – about $7
rack screws - $10 for 100

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Anonymous said...

do you know where i can get some screws and rails within germany / europe? ebay store only ships to the uk, us etc

cjw333 said...

Unfortunately, not being in Germany I'm not sure if I can be of much help but you might want to try some of your local music shops. Here in the US Guitar Center carries rails and screws.

Also you might want to check out the thread here:


Being in Germany I'm sure they can help.

Anonymous said...


I've bought from these gents before, looks like they ship to Germany:


Good luck and Cheers,

Rick Collette said...

just built one - i am waiting on my second set of rack strips to arrive - thanks for the killer idea :)