ninniku miso-zuke

ninniku miso-zuke, originally uploaded by cjw333.

the garlic
6 heads of garlic peeled
bring water to a boil and
parboil the garlic for about 3 min
drain, dry and cool

the paste
a cup and a bit of miso paste
4 TBSPS of mirin

the rest
add a layer of miso to the bottom of a jar
add some garlic
then more miso
more garlic (you get the picture)
give it a good stir to ensure all garlic is covered
close the jar and store in a cool place
wait one week (or more) and enjoy


rice to riches - soho, nyc

rice to riches - soho, nyc, originally uploaded by cjw333.

I came across Rice To Riches on a recent trip to NYC. Who knew rice pudding could be so good?

Rice To Riches
37 Spring Street
between Mott and Mulberry St,
New York City - 212.274.0008

Open: Sun-Thu 11am-11pm;
Fri & Sat 11am to 1am



I came across Uniqlo during a trip to Tokyo last year. They specialize in simple, reasonably priced (for Japan at least) clothing for men and women. Unfortunately my less than Japanese physique was unable to comfortably fit into any of the clothes although I did almost purchase a scarf. Fortunately I somehow came across their site and the Uniqlock which is shown above. For the full experience make sure to turn on the sound at the bottom of the widget. For the full screen experience click here.