Sun Blackbox vs Earthquake

See what happens when Sun's modular datacenter (aka Blackbox) meets with a simulated 6.7 magnitude earthquake.


Ableton Live's Drum Rack

I've been using Ableton Live off and on now for a few years. I love Live for it's ability to easily and endlessly tweak, manipulate and change sounds. I could spend hours twiddling knobs and shaping new clips.

As I tend to prefer using my own samples in Live the real light bulb went off for me when I figured out how to build my own Impulse instruments. This allowed me to clip short sounds and trigger them with MIDI which is perfect for making minimal blipy tracks.

A recent upgrade to Live 7 took this to the next level with the introduction of the Drum Rack. This new instrument is like Impulse on steroids. The same concept of sound clips triggered by MIDI still holds true but added is the ability to tweak each individual sample with things like Filter, LFO and any of the variety of effects included in Live.

Another light bulb went off for me last night after watching the video above at about 2 min 41 sec in where it is explained that you can automatically slice an audio file and dump it into the Drum Rack. This saves hours of manual slicing, although some slight adjustments may be wanted.

There is still so much that I need to learn about using the new Drum rack but for now I'm content chopping up sounds to make a few of my own preset racks. I highly recommend watching the videos found on the Ableton site to learn more about the features in Live.


It's Not All Good

Some of my favorite meals of all time were those that I've had in japan. I just can't get enough ramen, udon and curry not to mention wonderful sushi and a variety of regional dishes. Not all of the food in japan makes my mouth water, however.

Matthew Firestone covers 5 Japanese Foods You Might Want to Avoid on Galding. And you thought natto was bad.


International P.E.A.C.E. Benefit Compilation

Various - International P.E.A.C.E. Benefit Compilation
R Radical Records

This 2 LP compilation released in 1984 features a lineup of punk and hardcore bands from around the globe. In addition to 60 tracks from countries like Italy, Japan, Germany and the USA it came with a 72 page booklet, each page featuring a different band.

All profits from this album were to go to various anti-nuclear group activities worldwide.

see more of my Top 100 Albums here

CD 1

01 Articles Of Faith – Up Against A Wall
02 Gism* – Endless Blockades For The Pussyfooter
03 Neon Christ – Ashes To Ashes
04 Kalashnikov – Schlueters Kabinet
05 Cause For Alarm – Time Will Tell
06 Local Disturbance – No U.S.A.
07 Unwarranted Trust – Honour's Calling
08 Wretched – Mai Arrendersi
09 O.D.F.X* – Drop The A-Bomb On Me

10 Afflicted (2) – Here Come The Cops
11 Declino – Inutile Trionfo
12 Dicks – Hope You Get Drafted
13 B.G.K. – Arms Race
14 Crass – It's You
15 Upright Citizens – Swastika Ratss
16 False Prophets (2) – Banana Split Republic
17 Mob 47 – Nuclear Attack
18 Offenders – Face Down In The Dirt
19 Contrazione – Sbarre
20 Scum (5) – So Much Hate
21 Los Violadores – Viejos Pateticos
22 Deadlock (5) – Sometimes
23 P.P.G. (2) – Will It Ever End?
24 Trash (5) – Peace Of What?
25 Vicious Circle (7) – Police Brutality
26 Condemned To Death – Gartlands Pit
27 Negazione – Non Mi Dire
28 D.O.A. (2) – America The Beautiful
29 Dirty Rotten Imbeciles – Snap
30 Porno Patrol – Jump Back
31 Treason – Drop Out
32 Shit S.A. – Abortos
33 Septic Death – Silence

CD 2
01 Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers – Life Of Punishment
02 Peggio Punx – No Mai
03 Proletariat, The – An Uneasy Peace
04 Conflict (2) – Bomb
05 Iconoclast – Battlefield (Nightmare)
06 Pandemonium (3) – Pay For ShIt
07 Dead Kennedys – Kinky Sex Makes The World Go `Round
08 Boskops – Skorbut
09 Subhumans – Rats
10 White Lie – Peace Officer
11 Wargasm – R.A.T. / Pentagone
12 Slaughterhouse 4 – Four More Hours
13 Execute, The – Finale
14 Reagan Youth – Reagan Youth
15 Impact (12) – Man Goes On
16 Butthole Surfers – 100 Million People Dead
17 Kangrena – Ataque
18 Porcelain Forehead – Will Amerika
19 Barely Human – No Mercy No War
20 R.A.F. Punk – Contro La Pace Contro La Guerra
21 Zenzile (2) – Moment By Moment / Exiled Shadows
22 MDC (2) – Missile Destroyed Civilization
23 Jack Killed Jill – Walked In Line
24 Corrupted Ideals – Feeble Attempt
25 Christ On A Crutch – Paranoid World Vision
26 UK Subs – Postcard From LA
27 Anti-Flag – Die For The Government



James Brown + Michael Jackson + Prince

a crazy good video with mike and prince paying homage to the godfather. prince it out of control.


Taking Obsession To The Next Level

Taking the Japaneses obsession with noodles to the next step the Tokyo Noodle website features a blog, pictures and even a DVD of various Japanese women eating noodles in random places.


How To Enjoy Suhi

Guerilla Flowerpots in Tokyo’s Public Spaces

Tokyo Wall Scene, originally uploaded by cjw333.

PingMag provides an overview of guerilla flowerpots in Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo-Ga - Pachinko & Mu

palo alto indian

indian, originally uploaded by cjw333.

a picture taken in palo alto, ca