fohawk lady

fohawk lady, originally uploaded by cjw333.

I made a recent trip to Hong Kong and have started to slowly go through my pictures. This picture was taken our first morning in the Mong Kok market which was full of of people doing their morning shopping for fruit, veggies, meat and fish. The light was perfect that morning and I snapped a few lucky candid shots as I walked through the crowd.

Hong Kong 2009 set on Flickr


Usavich Prison Break

I saw this video in a toy store in Tokyo and couldn't stop laughing .  Unfortunately the clip above was taken down from YouTube but luckily I bought 2 DVDs of Usavich.  Each comes with about 20 short videos of Usavich craziness starting in prison and ending up with the break out.  Buy season 1 from Usavich Season 1 @ Amazon.


Great Head

If you've purchased an inexpensive or entry level tripod it is likely that the head that came with it is not the best. Assuming that the head is removable this problem is easily remedied with an upgrade.

I chose the Manfrotto 484RC2 to upgrade my Velbon ULTRA MAXi mini travel tripod which came with a decent head that lacked a quick release. For me a quick release makes the tripod/head much more convenient with the ability to quickly mount and remove your camera. The 484RC2 comes with a great quick release that includes a locking mechanism which prevents accidental removal of your camera. This is an excellent safeguard.

I also like the plate that comes with the 484RC2. The mechanism used to screw the plate to your camera includes a flip out arm for easy tightening. Other plates just have a slot that requires a coin or screwdriver to tighten. If you don't have one of those it's difficult to get the plate tight on the camera which means it's going to slip around.

I was recommended the 484RC2 head since it was relatively light, came at a reasonable price and would work well with my camera. I'm using this with my Canon XTi and a borrowed Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM Standard Zoom Lens (my heaviest lens) and although the recommendation was to go with a bigger head, the 484RC2 holds steady with no slipping.

I'll be putting this head through its paces shortly but initially I'm very happy with my purchase.


Japanese Restaurant Playlist

Recently on ask.metafilter someone asked for a list of Music to eat sushi by so I answered.
And here's the list that I came up with:

please post if you have anything to add.


David Choe on Spark

KQED's Bay Area art show, Spark, features a piece on David Choe
A Los Angeles born renegade street artist who relocated to the South Bay
He does some amazing work and has a very different philosophy
about using the street as a canvas